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Hollywood Camp

dave ricketts

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Can any of our Irish pals tell me where this camp was, and which units were there in the Spring and Summer of 1917?

In addition, is there anything remaining of the site?

Thanks a lot.


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Just saw your post this morning.

Holywood is (and was) a small town to the east of Belfast on the shores of Belfast lough.

I'm not an expert but today there are two major military camps there. The main base is Palace Barracks on the Belfast side of the town with another by the lough shore (Kinnegar base).

From 1915 Holywood was home to 18th and 20th (Reserve) RIR.

The main training area for the RIR was about 2 miles to the south-east on Craigantlet/Clandeboye estate near 'Helen's tower', a replica of which, of course, is on the Somme.

Hope this helps.


try www.belfastsomme.com

Just found this reference

'So at the end of the last Century, Culloden House came to be the official residence of the Church of Ireland Bishop of the Diocese, and was known as the Bishop's Palace. Previously the Bishops had resided at "Ardtullagh", a residence at Knocknagoney near Holywood, but this property was bought in 1886 by the War Department for use as Barracks. The Barracks are still in use today by the British Army, and are known as Palace Barracks

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Thanks for that. It is interesting to note that official paperwork has Hollywood, but I suspect that the War Office had other things to worry about....



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