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3rd battalion Royal Fusilers 1915


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Hi Pals,

I am researching


14065 3rd Bn., Royal Fusiliers 85th Brigade 28th division. Died 24th May 1915.

Does anyone know what the 3rd battalion of Fusilers were doing on the days around the date William died.

Any help appreciated.

Regards eskimo.

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Hi eskimo,

The battalion took over trenches running from the railway line to Bellewaarde Lake on the 21st May. Germans attacked on the 24th, the battalion sustained 552 casualties. HG O'Neil in his history of the Royal Fusiliers records that - 'The Germans had been in possession of our fire trenches since 8:00am, but the surviving 150 (out of an original 880) Royal Fusiliers, with the assistance of the 2nd Buffs, suceeded in holding the third line to the end of the day'. The battalion was relieved by the 2nd Royal Scots on the 25th.

William is listed as being KiA on the 24th May.


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Thanks for your prompt reply, much appreciated.


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