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Guards Machine Gun Battalion Officer's Badges


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I recently discovered a set of Officer's Service Dress badges for the Guards Machine Gun Battalion in London. The centres are voided, with enamel backings in red, green and blue. Anybody have any idea what the significance of the red, blue and green backs are? I'm imagining there was a scheme for the Grenadiers, Coldstreamers, Scots, Irish and Welsh, but did multiple regiments share colours (e.g., Grenadiers and Coldstreamers both wore red?) or were there two other colours produced as well so that officers from each of the five foot guards' regiments had a distinctive colour?

I must say that given the short life and modest size of this unit, I'm amazed OSD badges this distinctive were produced. On the other hand, the Guards have never skimped on accoutrements ;-)


Mark Shields


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