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Unidentified Northamptonshire Regiment soldier (1918? 1919?)


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Not long ago I came across this photo. It features a Northamptonshire Regiment soldier and a woman (his wife? His girlfriend? A relative?).


My first thought was that it was a 1918 picture, because of the Service Chevrons. The soldier is a veteran who has obviously been "there since the Somme", and he's got two wound stripes in the other cuff, too.

But yet I pondered if it could be a 1919, or even later, picture, one of the reasons is that there are no visible battle patches and the other that the buttons seem to be, not the general service ones, but post-war Northamptonshire buttons, I'm not sure about the shoulder title as I am unable to see whether it is the wartime "Northampton" one, or the later "Northamptonshire" model.

There's a photographers' mark: "S.H. Greenway. Northampton and Coventry".

I wonder if this man actually served in another unit and then re-enlisted after the war in the Northamptonshire Regiment. Any thoughts, suggestions, etc?

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Here you have in detail...

... a button


... the visible shoulder title:


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Would say circa 1919/1920, because of the Regimental pattern buttons, although I can't remember the exact date they were taken into wear. What is missing is his War & Victory ribbons, which he obviously hasn't received yet or they would have been up too.

Going off the Medal Rolls I've viewed, a small portion are found to be "Still serving" in 1920 and I suspect these are the men who have decided to stay on in the Army no matter whether or not they were regulars before the war.

Who ever he is, he's taken to Army life very well and does look extremely smart. All in all a lovely photo of a Northamptonshire Regt soldier and sister/partner.

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I'm afraid I don't recognise him off hand.

I must still need to look at a few more resources!

One would probably assume that he had no entitlement to the 1914 Star (issued from 1917+) since the three overseas stripes would be 1915, 1916 & 1917 at the earliest. He also looks a bit young to be an Old Contemptible. The 1914-15 Star would have been started to be issued by 1919, so perhaps no entitlement to that either?


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Graham and Steve... Thanks for your answers.

Since the black and white (well, sepia ;D) hue of the overseas chevrons is the same, I think they might be all blue, also because colour red, in B&W, tends to look dark or black, and blue tends to look light-grey or white, as in this photo.

I don't know if it might be a relevant detail to identify, if not the period, the unit, but a high-resolution scan reveals that the soldier pants are or cotton corduroy (I think,as the stripes are thin). I understand the regulation fabric for trousers was serge, so this could be a non-regulation item?

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