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Guest kingrich1234

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Guest kingrich1234

Dear all,

Does anyone know of any books/articles on the chemical weapons and munitions factories constructed at Avonmouth, Bristol (UK) during WW1 and/or Bristol in general in that period?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi and welcome.

If you do a google on"Avonmouth, munitions", lots of articles come up. Hope these help.



Try"BRISTOL AND THE GREAT WAR. 1914-1919." STONE & WELLS. PUBLISHED J.W. ARROWSMITH LTD., QUAY STREE, BRISTOL. 1920. This was published by subscription,coppies do appear for sale at about £60.I have a copy, Bristol Records office and Bristol Reference Library, have copies. Thishas atleast on chapter on Avonmouth. I have been researching the Bristol Roll of Honour for some years and have produced a data base of some 4,000 soals who gave their lives.I could make a copy of this, if you are interested. I also have a cd from the C.W.G.C. which lists the bristol dead that they are aware of.I recon this contains some 7,000 names.This is a list of names by way of cemeteries.My list gives a bot more information.

Do you live local to Bristol ? If so pergaps we could meet to compare notes ?

I hope this helps.



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There's some entries in the index of:

W G NEALE: The Tides of War and the Port of Bristol 1914-1918, pub. 1976 by the Port of Bristol Authority.


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