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British Army Review 1920-1970


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If you can get your hands on copies of the British Army Review, this is the info just on WW1 from 1920-1970, it also covers lots more on the British Army. Volumes numbers

Western Front


The Development of the German Plan. August-September 1914. 2

General Ludendorff's Comments on the Plan. August 1914. 3

General Wetzell's Plan for 1914. 42

Five Days in 1914, Mulhouse. 21

The Battle of Morhange. 20 August, 1914. 18

The Battle of Sarrebourg-Vosges. August. 19

Operations in the Bruche Valley. August. 18

The Battle of the Sambre. 21-24 August. Mons/Charleroi. 4

The Night Attack at Landrecies. 25th August. 28

The German II Cavalry Corps at Le Gateau. 3

Operations of the Belgian Army. 37

The Battle of the Marne. 28

Our Opponents at the Battle of the Marne.4

General Foch at the Marne.21

Foch's Pivot at the Marne.28

The Battle of the Marne. The Scapegoat - Hentsch.1

The Marne through German Spectacles.18,19

A Legend of the Marne. 4,5

Kluck's Communications at the Marne.29

Hans Koeppen's Experiences at the Marne.28

A Nazi History of the Marne Campaign.40

Operation Order No 24. 13th September, 1914.31

The Race to-the Sea. September to October 1914.2

With the Marines at Antwerp.19

The Loss of Lille in 1914.39

Christmas 1914.97


A German Expert's View,The First Gas Attack.30

Neuve Chapelle 10-12 March 15. 37

Aubers Ridge. 9th May, 1915.36

Loos. The Fight for Hill 70. 25-26 September, 1915.8

Hebuterne. November 1915.8

Verdun. Falkenhayn's Strategy. 24


Thiepval. April 1916. (17 H.L.I.).8

The German Attack at Vimy Ridge. May 1916.17

The German Defence during the Battle of the Somme.7,8

The German Defence of Bernafay and Trones Wood. 2-14 July.13

Mametz Wood and Contalinaison. 1-10 July.9

Delville Wood/ 14-19 July.11

The Somme. 15th September.26

The Capture of Thiepval. 26 September.27

In Front of Beaumont Hamel. 13 November.28


The Nivelle Offensive. The Captured Operation Order.43

The First French Tanks in Action.21

The Wotan Position. Vimy Ridge. 38

The Battle of Vimy Ridge.33

The Battle of Arras.38

The British Attack from Monchy-le-Preux. 35

The Hindenburg Line. 37

The Fight for Zonnebeke.29

The Battle of Cambrai. 88

Tank Co-operation at Cambrai. 29

More Light on Cambrai.35

An Incident in the Battle of Cambrai.26

The German 107th Division at Cambrai.20

The German Strategic Reserve in 1917. 9

German and British Defensive Tactics in 1917. 35


A German General on the March Offensive.33

A French Division in the March Retreat.42

The 16th Manchesters at St. Quentin. 21st March. 8

Villers Brettoneaux. The First German Tank Attack.19

German Tanks in 1918.28

The 2nd Rifle Brigade at Villers Brettoneaux.49

The May Offensive against the Chemin des Dames. 26

Chemin des Dames, 1918. The German Official Account.20

The Story of D Battery. 250th Brigade R.F.A. (Aisne 1918) 7

The Chemin des Dames Revisited. 91

The Battle of Merckem. 17th April, 1918.1

The Last German Offensive 1918. 21

The French Offensive of the 18th July.23

Behind the German Lines in July. 4

The British Campaign in the West. August-November.5,6

The German Catastrophe of the 8th August.25

An Aspect of the Battle of Amiens.6

A German Account of the British Offensive of August. 6

The 2nd Australian Division at Mont St. Quentin. 31

The 56th Division at the Crossing of the Canal du Nord. 9

Haig in 1918. A Strategic Survey. 97

The State of the German Army in November 1918.4

Ludendorff and the German Defeat.41

Memoirs and Diaries

Allenby, An Appreciation. (Wavell)32

Debeney's Reflections. General. 36

Diaz. Marshal . , A Tribute. (Cavan)16

Einem. Colonel-General von. 28

Erzberger. Military Revelations.4

Foch. Marshal , , Recollections in 1918. (Grant C)1,18

A review by Weygand. (Malise Graham)56

Gallwitz. General von . . Experiences in France 1916-18.34

Gough and the Fifth Army. General. 23

Huguet. General . . Comments on the B.E.F. 17

Joffre. At the Marne. 23

Kuhl. General von . . Commentaries.20

Langle de Gary. General de . . Posthumous Papers.33

Lanresac. General.10


Mangin. General Charles. (Gouraud) 11

Micheler. The Strange Case of General. 29

Petain. An Apologist for Marshal P. in 1917-18. 41

Richtofen. Baron Manfred von. 22

Rupprecht of Bavaria. The War Diary of Crown Prince. 18

Sanders. Liman von . . Experiences. (Atkinson)3

Smith-Dorrien. Recollections of. Le Gateau. (Hildebrand)21

Ypres. Earl of . . (Joffre)10

Special Aspects

Administrative Services.3

Artillery Development. (Birch)1

Billets in France. 40

British Army

The Old Contempibles. (Green H.)95

The Territorials. (Green H.)94

Kitchener's Army. (Green H.)92

Canadian Expeditionary Force. The . . (Piers)3

Casualties. German.16

Cavalry. 'Horses in War’. (Robson H.)78

Commanders and Staffs. (Falls)88

Empire at War. The . . Sir Charles Lucas’ History.11,13

French Army. Transportation and Supply.40

Histories. Divisional.10

Intelligence at an Army Headquarters. (Piggott F.S.)9

Morale in the War. (McCulloch)42

Portuguese Army. The . . (Johnston G.)35

Railways. The German Official Account.16

Tactics. The Legacy. (Wynne)39

Tanks. Haig and . . (Gattie)96

Tank Development. (Biles) 2

Ypres. The Costliest City on Earth. (McMillan)79

Personal Reminiscences

Random Reminiscences of an Ordinary Soldier.5

A Toad beneath the Harrow - Joining Up. (Surtees)91

Billets in France. Reminiscences of a Combatant Officer. 40,41

An Echo of Kitchener's Army. (Ward)81

Four Brothers in the Great War. 17

Some Friends and Allies. A War Memory. (Stevenson G.)24

Two Journeys of a V.A.D. (Knocker W).84

Across France and Italy in July 1918.27

Recollections of the F.R.C. (Wortley)6,7

Bloem. 'Walter . . A German Novelists Experiences as a Battalion Commander. (Edmonds) 31,32


The Capture of Tsingtao. (Robertson L.) 35

The Italian Expeditionary Force in the Far East.31

The French Official History of the Salonika Campaign.18

A High Numbered German Division from Birth to Death. 41

The German Navy, October 1918-June 1919. (Boyd Carl L.) 93

A Naval Airship with the B.S.F. (Ventry)65

A Motor Tour along the Western Front. (Watteville)16

The 1914-1918 Battlefields Today, (i960) (Green H.) 82

The Geography of the Treaty of Trianon.3

Pictures of the "War.20

Politics and Strategy

Who Started the First World War? (Nikolaieff) 90

The Protagonists of the Entente of 1914. (Edmonds) 69

The Schlieffen plan.18

A Might-have-been of the Great War in 1914. (Bird) 31

Economy of Force? A Note on the National Strategy of the British in the War of 1914-1918. (Bird)32

Solvitur Ambulando. (Reflections induced by above) 33

Lost Opportunities in 1915? (Bird) I & II 34,35

The Influence of Sea Power on the War. (Atkinson)11

The Problems of Higher Leadership. Mo1tke and Conrad. 42

The Supreme Military Council. 3

The Versailles Supreme Council. (Maurice F.)1

Mr. Churchill's Opinions. Views on 'The World Crisis'. (Bird) 14

The German Enquiry into the Loss of the War.12


From Rumbo to the Rovuma. (Orr) 7

Sunyani and all that. (Ramsden)91

With No. 2. Column in German East Africa. I & II (Ridgway)5

Smuts v Lettow. August-September 1916. (Orr)9

Von Lettow's Escape into Portuguese East Africa. 1917. (Orr)13

Random Eccollections of 1914-1918. (Orr)11

The Anglo-French Occupation of the Cameroons. (Reynolds A.)14

Draft Conductor in Togoland. (Fursdon)57

Eastern Front

The Mqbilization of the Russian Army. 1914. (Nikolaieff)86

The Austrian Plan of Campaign. (Edmonds)2

The Austrian Plan of Campaign against Russia.42

New Light on the Invasion of East Prussia. (Smirnoff)12

More Light on the Invasion of East Prussia. (Nikolaieff)93

The Defeat of the Russian Second Army in East Prussia. (Nikolaieff)85

The Russian First Army in East Prussia. (Nikolaieff)87

An Echo of Tannenberg.3

Hindenburg in Poland. 1914. (Knox)2

The Warsaw Campaign 1914. (Edmonds)42

The Lemberg Campaign. 1914. I and II.22

Gorlice-Tarnow. A German Breakthrough in 1915.22

The Rumanian Campaign. 1916. (Petrie)14

Two Crossings of the Danube in 1916.41

Hutier's Rehearsal. (Riga. Sep. 1917) (Edmonds)8

A German Landing. (Oesel, Moon, Dago, Oct.1917)(Edmonds)10,24

Reminiscences of Russia in 1917. (Charles E.)12

The German Landing in Finland. April 1918.21,27

The Break-up of the German Armies on the Russian Front.34

The Dissolution of the Hapsburg Armies. (Cuninghame) 39

Campaign by Rail. Murmansk to Lake Onega. (Abbott)88

Back to the Front. (Archangel 1919) (Hudson C.) 28

The British Army's Farthest North. Lapland 1918-19. (Abbott) 84

Operations in Trans-Caspia. (Tod) 16

Combined Operations Five Hundred Miles in the Interior of Russia. (Abbott)89

The Eastern Front.Churchill's 'World Crisis'. 23

Egypt and Palestine.

The Campaigns as part of the General Strategy of the War.(Maurice F.) 18

The Strategy of the Campaigns of the E.E.F. (Wavell)3

Egypt and Sinai,1914-1917. 4

The Turkish Expendition to the Suez Canel. February 1915.14

The Battle of Romani. August 1916. (Kershaw S.)37

Sidelights on the Battle of Rafa. January 1917. (Kershaw S.) 20

Jerusalem 1917. (Green H.)92

Official History of the Campaign. 21

The Transport Services of the E.E.F. (Badcock)14

Arab Revolts

The Evolution of a Revolt. (Lawrence) 1

A Set Piece. (Lawrence)2


War and Peace at the Dardanelles. (Hunter-Weston) 3

An Uncensored War Correspondent. (Ashmead-Bartlett)16

Eyeless in Byzantium. The Tragedy of Ian Hamilton. (Gibson P.)91

Anzac. (Bagnall) 87

Gallipoli Today and Yesterday. (Hitchcock) 68

The Lines of Communication in the Dardanelles. (MacMunn) 20

The First Turkish Reinforcements at Suvla.19

The Military Career of Kemal Ataturk. (Rich)91

General Liman von Sanders on the Dardanelles Campaign.7

Two German Accounts.14

Today and Yesterday at Gallipoli. (Hitchcock)68


A Summary of the Campaign in Italy. (Gathorne-Hardy) 3

The Italian Campaign.. 1917-1918.Tactical and Strategic. Considerations. (Cavan) 1

A Fragment from the Last War. (Cavan) 45

An Operation of War. (Beadon) 9

The End of a Legend. (Cadorna) 7

The Defence of the Cesuna Reentrant in the Italian Alps by the 48th Division. (Carrington) 14

Italian Official Account.22,34,39,41


Captain W.H.L. Shakespear.(Lunt)70

Mesopotamia.(Kirkby S.)33,34

Kut el Amarah.(Rimington) 6

The Riddle of Townshend and Kut,(Rich H.) 93

Some Aspects of Maude's Campaign.(Dewing)13,14

Operations of the 15th Division on the Euphrates.(Davies H.) 25

The Lines of Communication,(MacMunn)15

The Mesopotamia Campaign through Turkish Spectacles.28

Townshend's Regatta.(Darley)35

A Raft on the River. (Littledale) 69

A Memory of a Sideshow. 3

The Seller of Cucumbers. Amarah 1915.9

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Hi monsstar

That's a terrific source index. Do you have references for the issue number associated with each article? And could I just clarify the publication's title? I have the first two articles in the Italy sections, but I sourced them in the Army Quarterly.

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Its old name was The British Army Quarterly Review, know its called The British Army Review, If anyone is after the Vol number let us know and I will see if I can find it.

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  • 5 years later...

Is there somewhere a full index of all articles available?

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If you can get your hands on copies of the British Army Review, this is the info just on WW1 from 1920-1970, it also covers lots more on the British Army. Volumes numbers

Western Front


The German II Cavalry Corps at Le Gateau. 3

Smith-Dorrien. Recollections of. Le Gateau. (Hildebrand)21

This is really very helpful; thank you for the labour involved and for making its result available to us.

I has a little giggle at the typos (and I know I am about to throw stones in a greenhouse!) but I love the thought of S-D's recollection of 'Le Gateau': shades of Allo Allo and the 'gateau in the chateau'!

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Hello Roy

Thanks for posting, its a useful list and I have acquired photocopies of some of them over the years. However, I'm just wondering if you have your wires crossed with journals of similar name. The Army Quarterly (AQ) was published from 1920 and at some point in the 1970s or 80s became the Army Quarterly & Defence Journal (AQ&DJ) . I remember seeing copies of the latter in the early 1990s (when I was working for a defence contractor) and it remained a quarterly journal, A5 size with red covers. A number of the ones you have listed from 1914 to 1917 look like the series of 18 articles entitled 'The Other Side of the Hill' that were written by the official historian GC Wynne (though he was not then identified at the author). Those articles were recently compiled and published by Helion as a book titled 'From Landrecies to Cambrai' with Wynne being credited as the author.

The British Army Review (BAR) is still being published and is an A4 size journal. I remember seeing copies in my time in the TA in the early 1990s and its content included a lower proportion of military history than AQ but more about doctrine and training. I remember seeing material about the SA80 rifle (as it was then called), auftragstaktik, the challenges of recruiting and training in the TA. I have a feeling that it may be Restricted. It has some useful recent articles on WW1 (e.g. by John Husey) pulished in the 1990s/2000s. Unfortunately I have never had the time or opportunity to go through it systematically.

There is a complete set of bound volumes of AQ / AQ+DJ on the open access shelves of the University Library (UL) at Cambridge. The editions of BAR are classified by the UL as government publications and are only accessible on request in the room that holds that type of publication.

Another very useful journal is the Journal of the Royal United Services Institute (JRUSI) which has been published since the late 19th century and is still going. The interwar volumes are very useful and have a lot in common content-wise with AQ. There is a full set of JRUSI on the open access shelves at Cambridge too.

Another useful journal is Fighting Forces (FF) which was certainly being published in the 1930s but I do not know of its publication history. It has some really useful WW1 articles such as accounts of minor actions involving the BEF. There are bound copies of these in the UL at Cambridge, though they have to be requested. As a result I have never had the chance to have a systematic look at it.


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  • 3 years later...

Arab Revolts

The Evolution of a Revolt. (Lawrence) 1

A Set Piece. (Lawrence)2


A chap came into Clouds Hill last week and said his father was with Lawrence at Aqaba and that it was all listed in the Army Quarterly of April 1921.  I think it might be in the Lawrence 2 Article listed in themonsstar post of 2008.   Would we be able to get a cooy from the IWM?

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