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Remembered Today:

Lieut Mathew John Langley


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Lieut Mathew John Langley

Taken on strength of 47 Squadron RAF, South Russia, 21 August 1919.

Posted to "B" Flight end September 1919.

Embarked South Russia 31 March 1920.

Awarded Russian " Order of St Stanislaus, 3rd Class with Swords."

Looking for all or any information on Lieut Langley, DFC.

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A google search found this on the NA website - http://yourarchives.nationalarchives.gov.u...title=AIR_30/54

AIR 30/54 (7)

Most Humbly submitted to Your Majesty


The Secretary of State for Air

That the award to Mr Matthew John Langley, formerly Flying Officer, Royal Air Force, of the Distinguished Flying Cross published in the London Gazette dated 22nd December, 1919, be cancelled and his name erased from the Register of recipients of the Distinguished Flying Cross, in pursuance of the power vested in Your Majesty by the Twentieth Ordinance of the Statutes instituting the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Force Cross, the Distinguished Flying Medal and the Air Force Medal.

Mr Langley was removed from the Royal Air Force with effect from the 23rd January, 1923, for being absent without leave.

Signed Samuel Hoare

Dated 14th March 1923

This is the front of his very "busy" MIC - blown up to make it easier to read -




And this is the back


Will come back to him later



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Hi Sue

What a startling piece of information.

I see he was an officer with 221 Squadron (on the Caspian) before joining 47 Squadron. Several other officers including Capt B G H Keymer (who was killed October 1919) were transferred from 221 to 47.

I suppose I must remove the DFC from the topic description.

What would I do without your input and enthusiasm, you certainly have been most helpful.

Once again, many thanks.


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