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My Great Grandfather Joseph Harding served with the 1st Royal Dragoons for part of WW1 before being transferred to the Labour Corps. The only evidence I have for this, is his medal index card, his service records for this period no longer exist. This was his second spell with the Dragoons having previously served throughout the Boer War, so was 37 in 1915. I would like to know the date he was transferred, is there anyway of finding out? or was there a general time, organisation period when this may of occured.

Also why would he be transferred? age? volunteered?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


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Hello Andy.

The Labour Corps was not formed until April 1917 so he would not have been transferred before then.

Reasons: could be age and/or medical condition, or a "weeding out" of the less fit cavalrymen as the use of cavalry was decreasing. Volunteering is unlikely unless he got a promotion out of it (his ranks will be on the medal index card) because of the pay differential, as cavalry got higher pay than infantry and Labour Corps.

The medal roll itself, in class WO329 at Kew on microfilm (not available online), MAY tell you which company of the Labour Corps he joined. This in turn may help you to get closer to his date of transfer. For example, 1st Royal Dragoons was part of 3rd Cavalry Division, for which 773 Divisional Employment Company Labour Corps was formed on 16 September 1917.


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