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Remembered Today:

Seaforth Highlander or Black Watch Cobbler

Dan Morton

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This is a figure I completed a few months ago and posted on this forum. John McNenney has completed the castings and they look superb! Our fellow GWF member, Roger Newsome, has just completed the painting and I think he's done his usual outstanding job!

The figure can be made two ways. Two heads are included – the Seaforth is wearing a Tam O'Shanter bonnet with the Seaforth cap badge and the Black Watch is wearing a Glengarry with the Black Watch cap badge

• Small canvas haversack for carrying anti-gas PH helmets; Khaki.

• M1914 leather field harness and ammo pouches and belt; Brown leather.

• Canvas haversacks. Khaki

• M1902 khaki putties and brown or blackened leather half boots

• M1908 khaki haversacks and entrenching tool helves; Natural wood.

• M1908 entrenching tool head in carrier; Brown leather.

• 2 pint water bottle covered with khaki cloth and leather webbing

• Wooden crate

• Leather cobbler's tool satchel

• 15 cobbler's tools for cutting, shaping, binding, making holes in and stitching boot leather; Metal tools with wooden handles.

This will require several posts to show you the photos.


I hope you like it!

All the best,


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The first photo is of the Black Watch. Second and third are the Seaforth and the cobbler's tools (unpainted)

One more to come...



And one more of the Seaforth...


Cheers! Dan

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I like the Seaforth's best.

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Stupidly I don't normally post responses to Art pieces. This is mainly because the normal superlatives always seem so inadequate when compared to the amount of work and detail that has gone into the piece. ( I said it was stupid). However , in this case, I have to make an exception and say this figure is outstanding. The level of detail combined with the finished paint work makes it a really interesting and absorbing item; you could spend ages studying it.

I like the Black Watch best!



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Superb figures, I know that you have made every effort to get the detail correct, however the garter flashes on the Black Watch figure should be flat and not looped. I hope this will not be too hard to rectify.


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