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Is it possible from this service number to place this man in a particular Company?

Arthur Murdo McKenzie - ex-Deal/129/S Sergeant RM Divisional Engineers

Grateful, as always, for any help.

With best wishes,


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Name: Arthur Murdo McKenzie

Service Branch: Army

Unit: 6th Divisional Signal Company Royal Engineers

Rank: Acting Captain

Awards: MC

Death Date: 8 Sep 1918

Burial: Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille (FR 34)

Service History: Enlisted 22/9/14 ; Signal Company MEF 1/3/15-4/7/15 Enteric Fever, Invalided to UK 9/9/15 ; Commissioned Temporary Lieutenant RM 25/11/15, later transferred to Royal Engineers as Lieutenant

Service Number: ex-Deal/129/S Sergeant RM Divisional Engineers

Notes: Appointed Lance Corporal 14/1/15, promoted Sergeant 17/2/15 ; Awarded Cert. by GOC RND for Zeal & Devotion to Duty June 1915 ; 1914-15 Star issued by Admiralty, V.B. issued by War Office; Next-of-Kin: Murdo McKenzie, 20 Baker's Place, Richmond Walk, Devonport.

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If you can find Len Sellers' magazine 'RND' issues Nos.13, 14 & 15 (June, September and December 2000) you will see there, published in three sections, "Solo Saga" detailing the experiences of the RND Divisional Engineers - Signals, written by Reginald Gale.

The name of Sergeant MacKenzie (sic) crops up only in a passing ref, nevertheless the three articles should be good for background info

best regards


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