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Zwarteleen Salient


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On 6th and 7th May 1915, 2 Bn KOYLI took part in the abortive attempt to clear what the KOYLI War Diary for that week calls the 'Zwarteleen Salient'.

Grateful for advice on what and where it was. (Please also see request for data under 'Soldiers').

The diary talks of '41 Trench' and the Cheshires at '38,39 and 40 Trench', and the Royal Irish Rifles at '46 Trench'. Where were these trenches? Grateful for any advice.

Many thanks.


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Trench 38, Trench 39 and Trench 40 were British trenches at Hill 60. The Zwarteleen Salient was to the left of Hill 60, looking at it from the British lines.

You can see a website dealing with the 2nd KOYLI attack on 7th May, 1915, with a map, if you click here.

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I have a German map of the area showing the trenches, names, etc. Let me know if it might be helpful and I will scan a copy for you.


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