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French Medal Certificates

Bob Bedward

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French Medal Certificates

Hello - I have been loaned 3 paper certificates for display

in an exhibition.

All three were issued to a man called Bazin.

1 ] Medaille Militaire.

2 ] Citation a L’ Armee

3 ] Medaille Interalliee De La Victoire.

Were such certificate issued in place of metal medals?

They are quite colourfull and to large to be readable if posted

here. I would like to include, in the exhibition, an English translation

as each certificate seems to include a citation..

If any member would like a readable size scan I would be able to

private e.mail them.

Thank you and best wishes

Old Jack

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In the French army the medals are unnamed bits of metal, the certificate is the important thing. With it you are allowed to wear the medal.

Unlike the British awards, you can own/buy as many as you want. I must have 3 full sets of mine... but only one set of award documents.



P.S. Here is a selection... http://www.kaiserscross.com/40056/home.html

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