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We are now quite certain of and very close to the exact location near Plum Farm where the German Werner Voss fatally crashed his Fokker triplane after his combat with 56 Squadron and Rhys-Davies.

However finding evidence is not evident, as it crashed upside down, and only the two top wings were nog taken away for the examintation of the wreck in the second half of october 1917. As this was very close to the British front line at the time, and as it was made of wood, little chance anything remains from it.

I've only seen one account I think which mentions that Voss' body fell out of the plane, when it went upside down just before crashing. Is there anything else that confirms this ?

Also, as this was very close to the frontline, isn't there a possibility that there exist aerial recon photo's with the wreckage on it ? Anyone ever checked this ?

Thanks and best from Johan

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