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Identity of soldier required from a photo.

Stuart Brown

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Hoping that it is possible for one or more of the group to identify this soldier from this cropped photograph from newspaper research or other sources.

Posted on behalf of a friend.

I take it that the badge is that of The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders ?

My friend is able to supply the following locations and family names which are known (but not necessarily these names) :-

The majority of family were based in Yorkshire, but one branch

was born in Northumberland.

Surnames , Bell, Hardisty, Brewis, Pitloh (or variants because there are many) or


Thank you


P.S. I am working through SDGW for any possibilities (but it keeps crashing).


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I think you will find this man is in the 1/10th (Scottish) Battalion The King's (Liverpool Regiment) as he appears to have the King's white horse badge on his sporran. He could be in the wartime raised 2/10th or 3/10th as he is wearing a 1914 pattern leather belt and I would have expected the 1/10th to have been kitted out with 1908 pattern web equipment.

Hope this helps


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Thank you very much. I was undecided about the Liverpool Reg and even enlarged the badge to make a guess - thanks. I would never have known about the sporran badge so once again thank you.


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Thanks to Stuart for posting this and for Mike H for his speedy response. I have a record of a Charles Albert Hardisty serving in the Kings Own Scottish Borders, Born in Harrogate and Enlisting in Halifax, died May 3 1917 in France and Flanders.

However, I don't know how Charles Albert fits into my family tree (other than name) and it is not a given that the man in the photo died in the Great War.

But, my next question would be, if someone enlisted in Halifax, is it possible that he belonged to the Liverpool Regiment?

Thanks again for the help.

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