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5th Battalion Middlesex Reg Militia

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I have received my g/fathers army record, he served with the HLI inf 5th Batt in th expedionary force 1914 and was wounded Nov 1914. His army record was very complete as he was a reguler in the HLI from 1903- 1906 and was called up as a reservist for the war. I know this is strictly a first world war forum but in his record it says he served 165 days in the 5th Batt Middlesex Reg Militia and had the S Africa, Cape Colony and Transvaal medals. Thats all it says. Where his HLI record gives all details of time and place of service even ships travelled in, his service in the Middx Regt. just 2 lines. Please can anyone tell me about the 5th Batt militia who went to S africa for 165 days and why the details of service there are not on his army reord. Many thanks fbdownes

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Hello fbdownes

Welcome to the forum.

Alec Powell runs a website on the Middlesex Regiment. Sadly he can no longer take requests for information but his site is full of information, some of which may help you. The URI is


I hope that helps.

I have a copy of the history of the Middlesex 1914-1919 and no mention is made of the 5th except that they were called the Royal Elthorne Militia and were at the depot in Mill Hill in 1914, commanded by a Lt. Col. C.S. Collison.


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Many many thanks Howard. The E mail address for the Middx turned up trumps.

It gave descriptions of the militia battalions and when they formed, also gave number and dates of when they went to S Africa. Still can't understand why it was not on his army record. Never mind I have a lot more than I had.

Also gave a bit more on Albuhara (The Penisuler War) My GGG/father Jacob Hulbert served in the 23rd Foot there and was wounded in the thigh and finished up a Chelsea Pensioner so a double bonus.

Many thanks again fbdownes

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