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List of Relatives who served 1914-1918

Guest Ian Bowbrick

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My Great Grandfather ~ Dixon Entwistle, 1/5 Lancashire Fusliers, KIA 6 Sept 1917, Ypres, his name is on the memorial wall at Tyne Cot . He was born Hapton, Lancashire, 1892, lived in Burnley, married and living in Crawshawbooth, where he enlisted. He was 26 Years old when he died. On the scottish side of my family I heard I have a Grt Uncle who was KIA in WW1, I am trying to find out about this man. cheers Shelley

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My great grandfather Thomas Gambles, Essex Regiment, possibly K.I.A. before 1901 (India/Burma?), that's all I know..... :(

Grandfather Charles Frederick Gambles, Duke of Yorks Royal Military School in 1901, possibly orphaned, joined 2nd Bn Essex regiment possibly 1903 Drummer boy, B.E.F. 22nd August 1914; M.G.C. Training Centre Grantham at least in 1917, possibly as an instructor, unclear after that, survived the War, joined the P.P.C.L.I. in Canada 1924 (?), C.Q.M.S. W.O. class 2; fire bomb warden London during WW2, died in 1959. (see Avatar)

His brother Albert E. Gambles, 2nd Bn Essex Regiment, B.E.F. 22nd August 1914, corporal, joined P.P.C.L.I. in Canada after the War. that's all I know.....

Still searching Sir! :D


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Guest Joanne

Here's who I know

Great uncle Hugh Cairns 350220 16th Highland Light Infantry (formally 1st Battalion of Royal Scots Fusiliers attached to No: 10 entrenching battalion). Killed on 2/12/1917 at Passchendaele aged 20 years.

Grandad John Cairns Machine Gun Corp in France and Egypt - survived war married grandma in 1919 and lived til 79 years old. With a great sense of humour - he is very fondly remembered. Still to research..

Great uncle Robert Kilpatrick 7th Cameron Highlanders (drummer) - killed at Arras 15/3/1917.

Great uncle John Kilpatrick (survived)- still to research .....Highland regiment (in photo is in a kilt).

Great Uncle William Cairns (survived) - still to research

Great uncle Peter Cairns (survived) still to research

I am hoping with the help of Pals that I can begin to find out about my other relatives. With the help of the forum I have found out so much about great uncle Hugh Cairns. It's been a real education and is very greatly appreciated.


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pvt Arthur GEORGE Lambert

died 18th mIddx REGT 20th of july 1916 taking hight wood

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How did I miss this one for so long ? ?

My Grandmothers beloved "Cousin Marty" - 633 Pvt O'Donoghue, Martin of Kamarooka, Victoria. Joined 8th Australian Light Horse Regt on 19/9/14 (I don't know why he is a Private rather than a Trooper). Wounded in the thigh at The Nek, evacuated to Cairo where he died on 26/12/15 after refusing to have his now gangrenous leg amputated.

Great-Uncles (brothers):

382 Sgt Keegan, Francis Phillip Patrick. Morwell, Victoria. Enlisted in 23 Battalion A.I.F. in Feb 1915 at 18. Served at Gallipoli and Pozieres. Transferred to 1 F.A. Brigade and served at Passchendaele. Not yet confirmed, but I believe he was a shell-shock case, and was found rear-area work - unit unknown. Claimed he fixed Monash's telephone once! Demobbed and completed training as an electrician in England. Died early '70s.

12275 Gnr Keegan, John. Morwell Victoria. Enlisted in 2 F.A. Brigade, A.I.F. (14th reinforcements) in Oct 1915. W.I.A (lost a leg) under counterbattery shellfire - date and circumstances not yet known. Repatriated to Australia June 1918.

(Sidebar - Jack's son Bob died when the transport "Anking" was sunk in the Battle of Sunda Strait in 1942)

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My grandfather Pte Joseph Patrick Farrell 45631 1st Canadian Gun Brigade 'A' Battery - Siftons.

My husband's great-grandfather Pte. Richard Prescott 10914, 6th Bn., South Lancashire Regiment, from St. Helens, died 26th July 1915, on memorial at Redoubt Cemetery, Helles, Turkey.

My husband's great-uncle Pte. Thomas Sanders 30783, 1st/4th Bn., Kings Own Scottish Borderers, from St. Helens, died age 25 on 7 December 1917, buried in Cairo War Memorial Cemetery.


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I'd be interested to learn if any relatives of Forum members died (and maybe were buried) in my village, Boezinge (Boesinghe), 2 miles north of Ypres. (2nd and 3rd Ypres, and between.)

(I have already been in touch with Forum member Martin, whose greatgrandfather was wounded near Dead Man Farm, one mile from where I live.)


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Grandfather {Paternal}Richard William Vanhinsbergh,RNAS.BWM Grandfather {Maternal}Walter George Drake No 4 Field Bakery ASC Gassed 1915;1914 Bar Trio.{Lost } Great Uncle Arthur Adolphus Vanhinsbergh,1st KOYLI, KiA 15.02.1915 Ypres. 1914~1915 Star Trio Plaque {Whereabouts Unknown} Great Uncle Charles Stanley{Henry} Vanhinsbergh,2nd .KOYLI, KiA 01:07:1916,Somme,1914 star Trio plaque{Whereabouts Unknown} Great Uncle Peter David Vanhinsbergh 13th Rifle Brigade, KiA 22.08.1918,BWM & Victory In My Collection. Great Uncle Matthew Earnest Vanhinsbergh,East Anglian TF RAMC/RASC,BWM Victory,TEFM,{Poss TFWM}{Whereabouts Unknown} Great Uncle Frederick Vanhinsbergh 7th Royal West Kent Regiment,BWM Victory,SWB{Discharged Neurasthenia~1918}{Whereabouts Unknown} Second Cousin{Grandfathers/Great Uncles Cousins~Not sure of the Removed Calculation}Sergeant,George Edward Vanhinsbergh,DCM,17th LondonRegt;{DCM East Africa,1918 for rescuing his wounded CO} DCM.1914~15 Trio,TFEM ;Great Uncle Adolphus Vanhinsbergh Army Ordanance Corps,1914~1915 Trio{Whereabouts Unknown} Great Uncle George Brewster 9th Liverpool Regiment/Labour Corps, Second Cousin{ditto Removed}Alexander Vanhinsbergh Staffordshire Regiment KiA 1918. Second Cousin{"}Peter Vanhinsbergh,RFA KiA 1916, Second Cousin {"} Rupert Vanhinsbergh Bedfordshire Regiment 1914~15 Trio SWB; Second Cousin {"} Cpl Horace Vanhinsbergh Green Howards{C:1897~19??} & Possibly Others as yet untraced,They had Big families then!!


Flemish roots????

very interesting!

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  • 1 month later...

Just found two more family members.

My father's side

My Grandfather's cousins :

Sydney Walter Wright - Pte 26195 Bedfordshire Regiment & 44469 20th Bn Manchester Regiment - KIA 09/10/1917

William Samuel Wright - L/Cpl SE/6479 9th Veterinary Hospital, Royal Army Veterinary Corps - Died 11/01/1918


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Guest dinkidi
was working in Australia (on railways) at start of WW1. Enlisted in Perth into artillery

G'day Richard

There is a segment of the film "Gallipoli" [ inc Mel Gibson's 'recruitment'] which might amuse you!

Bet you never expected to hear from anyone who has visited Kamarooka. Well its just outside Elmore off a back road I take when travelling to my son's farm outside Echuca.




Have just noticed that Kamarooka was Duckmans reference!

Edited by dinkidi
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Guest dinkidi
I'd be interested to learn if any relatives of Forum members died (and maybe were buried) in my village, Boezinge (Boesinghe), 2 miles north of Ypres. (2nd and 3rd Ypres, and between.)

G'day Aurel.

It's not exactly what you asked. But you certainly live closer to the resting place of my father's cousin, Jackie Schwarer, than anyone else I know. He was mortally wounded at Black Watch Corner and died at Remy Sidings. He lies in an adjacent row to Tubb VC with whom he campaigned from almost Day 1 & who suffered an identical fate.


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Great Grandfather was:

Private Kendall, Herbert Charles, No 4400 in 1/5th Bedfordshire Regmnt, later No 200570 in 7th Bedfordshire Regiment. KIA 23/03/1918 no known grave.

More to follow...


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My mother's side

My Great Grandfather's brother :

Charles Burford Gough - Able Seaman 207599 HMS Dreadnought

My Great Grandmother's brothers :

Albert Victor Eastoe - Driver L/4609 Royal Field Artillery

Alexander Eastoe - Private Z/1389 4th Bn, Rifle Brigade & Gunner 90651 78th Bde, Royal Field Artillery

Alfred Henry W Eastoe - Gunner 115335 Royal Garrison Artillery

My Great Grandmother's 2nd cousin:

Horace Spencer Eastoe - Private 301569 Essex Regiment


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  • 2 weeks later...

To add to those previously mentioned....

Herbert Henry Stone No: 7222 South Wales Borderers

Ernest James Wells No: 3rd AM 88397 RAF

Robert James Wells No: 6838 3rd Bedfordshire Regt

(believed to have been awarded the Military Medal in June 1917)

(2 were sons of my great great grandmother, the 3rd was her grandson)

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  • 1 month later...

Hello all - what a wonderful forum. Thought I would make my first post here:

My paternal grandfather:

8846 RSM William George REEVES, DCM 2nd Battalion The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regt.) He served the colours as a regular from 1906-1932, finishing up as RSM of the 5th Battalion and then another 6 years in the TA as CSM of 'D' Coy of the 4th Battalion (all RSM's at the time were regulars hence the "demotion"). He volunteered again in September, 1939 and was posted as the RSM of the RASC depot - he died on active service at the depot in January, 1940.

My grandfather was a Sergeant in the 2nd Btn at the outbreak of the war and won the DCM on October 31st, 1914 at Gheluvelt during First Ypres. He was captured sometime during the first couple of weeks of November and spent the remainder of the war as a guest of the Kaiser. He made 3 escape attempts and was finally sent to the Salzburg salt mines with other "problem" prisoners.

I'm also attempting to research my two maternal great-uncles who served during the Great War. I don't know units, ranks, or service numbers yet. They were:

Walter DODD and his brother George DODD, both from Birkenhead, Cheshire.

Here's my grandfather, sometime in the late 1920's:


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To go with the above - my Grandfather's entry in "Deeds That Thrill the Empire":


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My great-grandfather Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class William MacCormick, died in accident on pre-dreadnought HMS Hannibal, 29th October 1915. Name inscribed on the Chatham Naval Memorial.

My mother's cousin 4540 Rfm Charles Robert Tompson, 1/9th London Regt (Queen Victoria's Rifles). Missing 1st July 1916, aged 20. Name inscribed on the Thiepval memorial

My grandfather Maj Ewen MacDonald MacCormick MC, 1/20th London Regt (Blackheath & Woolwich) and 1/4th London Regt (Royal Fusiliers) - photo at left.

Pre-war territorial who went to France in August 1915. Fought at Loos September/October 1915. Commissioned into 1/4th London Regt 9th August 1916 to replace 1st July 1916 casualties. Fought at Leuze and Bouleaux Woods, September 1916. Awarded MC for actions on 9th September. Severely wounded on 25th September. Subsequently, temporary Major and commandant of Hospital at Osborne, IOW attended by Robert Graves. Indirectly mentioned in 'Goodbye to all That' as part of the 'Albert Society' as our family supplied granite for the base of the Albert Memorial from family quarries on Iona, Argyllshire. Died 1961.

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My grandfather

1438 Private John Fleming

Enlisted in the Connaught Rangers 1905

14th (King's) Hussars c. 1909-1912

14th (King's) Hussars 1914-1919

(20th Hussars 1915)

His cousin

7957 Private John Fanning

Enlisted Royal Irish Regiment 1903 and posted to Connaught Rangers

1st Connaught Rangers

6th Connaught Rangers

Died in France 3 July 1917

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Guest pennypinchyer

my contibution:

great great grandfather

John Edward Warnes Private 25945 10th lincolns killed 28/8/1917

my granfathers uncle

Freddrick Bellamy Private 2060 6th lincolns killed 20/05/1918

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Not sure if this is British only, but here goes:


Otto Hederer

Austrian Army-- Infanterieregiment Hoch und Deutschmeister Nr.4. Survived the war.

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  • 1 month later...

Found a couple more relatives:

My father's side

My Grandfather's cousins :

John Robert Wright - Pte 6480 Royal Army Veterinary Corps & Cpl 37734 Royal Lancaster Regiment

Albert E Wright - Pte 6481 Royal Army Veterinary Corps & 691156 Labour Corps


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My relatives who served in WWI:

My Grandfather

Gnr. Russell Fraser Pirie (1890-1956)

41st Battery CFA (1915-1919) & Veteran's Guard of Canada (WW2)

Great Uncles and other relatives

Pte. Goldwin McCausland Pirie (1894-1915)

1st Battalion (Western Ontario Regiment) CEF. 2nd battle of Ypres, DOW at Netley Hospital. Buried in Netley Cemetery, Southampton, U.K.

Pte. Wilbert C. Croft (1896-1919)

136th Battalion CEF (Port Hope, Ontario).

Pte. Charles Lorne Croft (1897-1956)

136th Battalion CEF (Port Hope, Ontario)

Lt. Gordon Moore Pirie (1898-1920)

116th Batt. CEF. Convalesced of war-related illness in Brant Military Hospital, Burlington, Ontario. Died at home in Hamilton at age 22. Son of Robinson Pirie, a Lusitania survivor.

Sgt. Paul Somerville Clark (1893-1916) 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles (Que. Reg't). Body never found. Killed in action on the opening day of the German assault at Sanctuary Wood (Mt. Sorrel), June 2nd 1916. Commemorated on the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium. Official record, note to OC Brigade Machine Gun (1916): "Sgt. Paul Clark was in charge of a section of this company in the left subsector of the Right Sector Defences 3rd Can. Division on June 2nd. He was with gun crew in Trench 50 and as they had a good bomb-proof dugout, this crew survived the bombardment on June 2nd. At the close of the bombardment about 12:30 pm June 2nd, they mounted the gun as the enemy advanced. Sergeant Clark was last seen firing the gun and is reported by 1414,240 Private Boutillier, the sole survivor of the crew, as having been shot through the head by a rifle bullet. The gun is known to have done excellent work before it was put out of action". Signed Lieut. (illegible). Photograph

Major Edward W. Hachborn (1894-19xx)

Special Reserve Royal Artillery during WWI.

Staff Captain James Knowles Bertram (1889-1916)

20th Battalion CEF

Killed in action at the Somme (Sept. 22, 1916) as a result of a shell bursting close to him. Buried in Albert, France

Lt. Aimers Sterling Bertram (1888-1917)

58th Westmount Rifles.

Severely wounded June 28, 1917. Died in London while undergoing an operation at age 28. Buried in Brookwood Cemetery in London, England.

Hon. Maj. Harold McCausland, M.C. (1874-19xx)

Minister at St. Thomas and St. Augustine Churches, Toronto. Served with the 95th battalion 1915-18. Assistant Director of Chaplain Services, Western Canada, 1918.

Lt.-Col. Alan Joseph McCausland (1887-1951)

In January 1917 sent to France as second in Command of the 75th Battalion under Lieut.-Col. Beckett. Town Major at Divion. Elected Vice-President, Army & Navy Veterans of Canada, July 25, 1919. WW2 - served training in Canada.

Sgt. Kenneth Leighton McCausland (1899-19xx)

74th Battalion (Toronto CEF) - enlisted in 1915.

Dvr. Fred Snider Hughes (1892-19xx)

33rd Battery CFA. Kept a diary in 1916 of his time at a training camp located near Bramshott & Haslemere, England.

Chart with relationships & photos

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Father's father

Andries Gerhardus Johan de Villiers, 2519 Rifleman, 1st Regiment, South African Mounted Rifles and Bombardier, 5 Permanent (Mountain) Battery, SAMR Field Artillery Brigade.

Father's uncles

Private Percy Owen Payze, 46th Battalion, and 16th Battalion, CEF. He died of his wounds at No. 3 Canadian Casualty Clearing station in Belgium on 20 July 1916.

Private Archer Robert Payze, 50th Regiment (The Gordon Highlanders of Canada), and 16th Battalion, CEF. He died of his wounds on 3 June 1915, and was buried in Le Treport military cemetery in France.

Captain Arthur Payze, RFC (Lieutenant, 6 Squadron, 1914)

Mother's uncle

Ensign Zoltan Lanczi, Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Navy. He was awarded the Iron Cross of Merit (Eiserne Verdienst-kreuz), with Crown, in recognition of ‘loyally dutiful service in the face of the enemy’, per 14 Corps Order 345.


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Guest deepathart

My Grandad,

Archibald Thomas Darrington ?? Munster or Inniskilling Fusiliers and Liverpool Scottish.

Photos posted in Uniforms, Insignias etc a few months back under Darrington.


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Guest deepathart

I have a copy of the 4th Light Horse Nominal Roll and a list of the ships that they sailed on. If anyone wants help in finding Rellies from the 4th Light Horse.


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