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QM Lt Robert Jones, 13th Welsh R


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In a few days I am going to look for the papers of Robert Jones, known to have served as QM Lt with the 13th Welsh from late 1917. He may also have been made Hon Captain at some point.

However I fear his papers may not yet be available as his relatives believe he served in WW2 in the Western Desert.

Any info or pointers to info about this man would be most useful.

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Chris: He is listed in the November 1918 Army List as a Temp. Lieut. and QM in the 13th (Service) Battalion (2nd Rhondda), The Welsh Regiment with a date of rank of 3 Oct 17.

Regards. Dick Flory

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Chris - you'll know I guess that the 13 Welsh were part of 114 Brigade. Fought at Mametz Wood, 3rd Ypres etc.

If desperate I can probably 'piggy back' you some general info on the Swansea Battalion that applies equally to the 13 Welsh as they moved around together...

Bernard Lewis

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