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While I was visiting with my dad today, we were discussing his father who was with the Leinster Regiment. Dad again confirmed that his father was in Fyzabad, India and then transferred to England prior to going to the WWI battles. Dad said his father fought in the 1st Battle at Mons. According to the websit attached to this list the dates don't quite coincide, but then it does not give (to my knowledge) how long this battle lasted. Was the Leinster regiment engaged in this battle?


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Aileen, neither the 1st or 2nd Battalions, the only two (regular) battalions of the regiment at that time, fought at Mons in 1914. 1st Bn was in India, 2nd was preparing to move to France. The Battle of Mons took place only on 23 August 1914. However, this may be a confusion with the Retreat from Mons, which took from that day until 5 September. Even then, the 2nd Bn only landed on 10 September.

There was fighting in the Mons area in November 1918 too, but once again no Leinsters were involved.

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