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66 Seige Batt, RGA

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1st time on here and don`t know where to start.

Am searching for the history of my grandfather`s outfit. I have wee bit of info but not much. Where do I start as I am already finding ambiguous details and I only found the site 20 mins ago!

Breif details - RASC > Officer training [and did some other stuff apparently, after a Sgt Maj overheard him talking in German to some P.O.W.] > 1917 - 2Lt in R.A. > R.G.A : 66 Seige Batt

He served, I think, at Pachendaele and the Somme and his unit had 9.2 in Howitzers equipped with "mechanised transport". Don`t have much else, I`m afraid.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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I will send some information on 66 Siege Battery shortly. If you send your grandfather's name I will see if I have anything on him. Regards. Dick Flory

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The 66th Siege Battery was armed with four 9.2" Howitzers and went out to the Western Front on 18 March 1916. Its War Diary for the period March 1916 to January 1918 can be found at the National Archives at WO95/296.

If you can give me the particular dates you are looking for information on I can tell you what Heavy Artillery Group the 66th Siege Battery was serving under at the time. Also if you send me the name of the 2nd Lieut. you are interested in I will see if I can find anything about him in my computer databases. Regards. Dick Flory

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