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Remembered Today:

Some from my collection Pt. 2


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I had so much fun with my last showcase, please indulge me with some more! I don’t have anyone, other then forum member to share my things with, and it brings me great pleasure.

Thanks very much David. Have you determined place of birth for these men? Just wondering how many were Canadian-born.

Is there not a medal collectors/militaria club in Toronto where you can show off some of your amazing treasures?

Peter in Vancouver

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Might I suggest you publish a book of your collection.But dont let this compramise your securety.

I find your material an absolute pleasure to view.



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To all: Broz, Dave and John, thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about these four soldiers. It was a pleasure to post them. I would like to publish a book someday from my research, as it is a labour of love that has occupied my life for some 20+ years. (If you were to size up all my research files for my medals, the pile would exceed eight feet tall!)

Broz, all of these men, with the exception of Wilson (Edinburgh Scotland) were Canadian born:

Thanks for looking,

Best wishes


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Bluestein, you are such a SHOWOFF :lol:

Seriously, it is a fantastic collection.


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