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'Tiger' Smith boxer


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Any good

TROOPER ‘Joe’ Houston from Ballymena was obviously handy with his fists.

A Boer War veteran who had taken part in the relief of Ladysmith, Houston was the pride of the 4th Royal Irish

Dragoon Guards in March 1915.

The people of Ballymena were equally delighted with his boxing performance against the well known pugilist ‘Tiger’

Smith of the 10th Hussars. Trooper Houston, fighting in an inter-regimental competition as a heavyweight, dispensed

with the Tiger before ‘getting the better of another clever boxer in Sgt Wilson of the Connaught Rangers’.

For his efforts, Trooper Houston picked up a £10 purse - a very tidy sum in those days!

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Alex - it's a single paragraph from the 'Items about our local soldiers' column which appeared every week in the Ballymena Observer newspaper. Can't tell you any more than that Im afraid. I just stick on little posts from time to time which strike me as interesting and hopefully they might give someone else a 'lead.'

I can key in the exact words if you want - I've tidied it up and 'modernised' the wording for a little project I'm doing.

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Thanks for that - no need to type it out in full. Harry Smith was Army boxing champion pre-WW1 (I don't know what year and I'm unsure about the weight) and I thought it might mention him.



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