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Can anyone tell me what the 10th KLR (Liverpool Scottish) were doing from late August up to 5th September 1918. I have some details from 55th Div history showing they were in action at Givenchy, but anythin else would be of interest.

I am researching an officer who died on 5th September.

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By this stage 1/10 and 2/10 had united. Quoting from "Bravest of Hearts" - Giblin

"In a quieter sector, the 8 August saw the return to the Liverpool Scottish not only of the instructional staff who had recently been detached to the American Army but also most of the two hundred and eighty former 2/10th men who four months earlier, had been sent to the bull ring at Etaples.

The 55th Division began its own tentative move forward when, on 24 August, the 164th Brigade retook a line of craters and posts that had been in German hands since April. Two determined counter-attacks were beaten off as the 55th Division realigned. On 29 August the Liverpool Scottish lost an officer who had fought in every year of the war despite suffering serious wounds on two other occasions. Captain Henry Thomas Whitson who crossed the channel in 1914 on the SS Maiden, had received a gun shot wound through the right cheek at the battle of Hooge and was hit again in August 1916 during the battle of the Somme. Now with victory in sight, he was blown up by a shell on 29 August and died from his wounds exactly one week later".

It goes on to say that the battalion left the line on the 2 September and went to Vaudricourt. In addition to Capt. Whitson 10 O/Rs are recorded as being killed in August/1st week September. All are detailed in the book.

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War Diary for 29th August:

"Capt. H. T. WHITSON was seriously wounded in the early morning. Quiet day. A proposal for the occupation of O.B.L. to Barnton Trench was well in hand and the Bn Operation Order had been dictated; Brigade cancelled same and later only postponed it."


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Guest Dominic Wallis

Paul, Would you be prepared to share any additional information you managed to find out about the officer you were researching? I suspect tha ten years on we are researching the same officer.

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