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7th Dragoon Guards

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I've got around to doing some more research into the soldiers on my local memorial. One of those was in the 7th Dragoon Guards and was KIA Sunday 24th March 1918.

I believe this regiment was part of 7th Cav. Brigade, 3rd Cav. Div. and were involved in the actions of the Somme Crossings on this date, any more info would be greatly appreciated.


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Roger, I've checked and...I haven't got it any more. I sent it last week to Forum Pal "gen wizard". You can email him after finding him listed in Members. I'm sure he would oblige.

However I can tell you this, in terms of the days before and after.

1 March

Moved to St Christ. Trench party moved to outpost line at Vadencourt.

13 March

Moved to Croix Maligneux, via Ham and Guiscard. Later in day moved on to Grandru.

21 March

A party moved to the canal at Mennesis.


7 April

Moved to Eaucourt sur Somme

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This might be handy too.

20th Hussars.

“21st March 1918: Stood to from dawn. Bombardment of Jussy started 4.30am. 8:10am one officer and 20 other ranks of Army Troops having withdrawn reported to Major Little for orders. 1:00pm: cleared out of the village owing to increased shelling. 3:15pm: Major Little and the Royal Scots Greys and 20th Hussars Companies with large numbers of stragglers who had been collected crossed the Crozat Canal and proceeded to Lizerolles. Colonel G.T.R. Cook DSO and remainder of Dismounted Brigade arrived 4:30pm. Headquarters established in railway embankment on southern outskirts of Lizerolles and a line was taken up facing east on outskirts of Montescourt with units of 43rd Infantry Brigade on both the right and left. At 6:45pm 54th Infantry Brigade arrived from south and dug in, facing north across our front. Retirement of whole line across the Crozat Canal ordered to commence at 12 midnight with 5th Cavalry Brigade to cover retirement.

22nd March 1918: Units on our right and left withdrew at 2:00am shortly after 54th Infantry Brigade had also retired. At 3:00am Royal Scots Greys and 20th Hussars withdrew through the line of the railway, which was held by the 12th Royal Lancers and 3 machine guns. All across the canal (except one squadron Royal Scots Greys which returned at 9:00am) by 4:15am without molestation. Marched to Faillouel arrived at 6:00am.

10:30am: alarm turn out which was cancelled as report that enemy were across canal was found to be false. Turned out again at 1:45pm and moved to sandpits half way between Faillouel and Jussy to be ready to make a counter attack if enemy succeeded in crossing canal as the bridges over it were not completely broken. The enemy did cross at Mennessis on the right and worked along the canal into Jussy.

7:15pm: 8 machine guns posted on a line south of the railway which runs on southern edge of Jussy and 12th Royal Lancers moved up into immediate support at sandpits where 43rd Infantry Brigade headquarters (under whom 5th Cavalry Brigade still is) have been established.”

The casualties recorded at the end of the month for these two days amounted to 5 soldiers killed, 14 wounded and 3 missing. The fighting on 23rd March was more intense, the regiment losing 3 officers, 4 soldiers killed, 31 wounded and 16 missing as the enemy pressed forward in strength across the Crozat Canal. Two of the wounded of the first two days died of wounds.

Hope that helps a bit.

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Thanks Chris, thats interesting.

The man on the memorial is 20472 Trooper Ralph Sanderson and is the only cavalry OR on the memorial.

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