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rosette on 15 star


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This link explains it. Rosette was used for signifiying award of bar to the 1914 Star when only a medal ribbon was worn. Apparently soldiers often wore the rossette on medal ribbon when the full medal was worn under the misapprehension that it was to differentiate between the 1914 and 1915 Stars.



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no such thing as 15 star ...... the qualifying period begins late Nov 1914 after the 14 star runs out.

The only persons qualified to wear rosette were those "within range of enemy mobile artillery" up to late Nov 1914.

If your man is wearing rosette on 1415 star, he shouldn't be.

On the other hand, it could indicate he is an Old Contemptible.

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Cheers....I just picked up a 15 trio and it has the rosette attached...the mans mic states he qualifies 2-10-1915

Must have been added wrongly at some date!

cheers again


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My apologies!! 1914/15 Star it is. Sure I didn't mislead Mark....however if I have I apologise. As you are no doubt aware I only used 15 to differentiate between 14 and 14/15.


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