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Research Impasse

Guest Doullens

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Good Morning,

This is my first time on this site, and I am looking for help/advice regarding some research.

Are the medal rolls available online, or is it still a matter of travelling to Kew myself?

I don't appear to be getting anywhere with my research of one soldier who was in the Cameronians.


John Hardie

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The medal rolls are not online and I haven't heard of any plans for them to made available. Medal index cards are gradually being made available and surnames beginning with A and B have been done with varying degrees of success (a couple of threads on the forum make interesting reading).


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Guest Ian Bowbrick

Interestingly I have just been on the PROCAT and it says on the home page that WW1 Medal Rolls are going on-line.............However after following the link it is only an announcement for the Medal Index Cards :blink:

Good old PRO on the ball as usual.................

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As far as I am aware the rolls are only available at Kew, unless members have copies themselves. Are you aware that the MIC rolls are being made available on the web?

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Welcome Doullens. MICs have started on-line but not Rolls. I am sure the rolls will be available at some point in the future but no breath holding please.

If you cant get to the PRO easily I am sure someone will help you. Drop me an e-mail with the details and I will try to help if I can (as long as it is an individual and not a whole Battalion/Regiment).



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