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I am trying to document the events in Pte. Halfdan Reidar Johnsen's (15136) years on the battle field. It seems like he stayed by the front spring 1915 until 08.10.1918 when he was killed.

He joined the 6th Canadian Infantry Battalion when enlisting in 1914 - but I believe he served in the "Canadian Cavalry MG Sqdn" at the front. I have tried to find war diaries for this unit but have not found any.

Is there any way I can find out more about this person?


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The war diaries for the Machine Gun Squadron - Canadian Cavalry Brigade are on-line at the National Archives of Canada.

This link should take you to them:


Good luck


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Here is the first page that talks about the formation and composition the unit.

Interesting stuff!!

Peter in Vancouver


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Hi Antoni:

Your man seems to have two spellings for his name. The National Archives of Canada has him listed as (15136) Halfdan Reidas Johnson and the CWGC has him listed as (15136) Halfdau Reidar Johnsen.

Here's part of the information from his attestation papers on the NAC web site:

Name - 15136 Johnson, Halfdan Reidas

Regiment - 6th Battalion (on upper right of page two is written 20th BHorse)

Born - Tronhjem, Norway

Enlisted on September 24, 1914

View his attestation papers here.

Here's some information from the CWGC web site:

Name - 15136 Johnsen, Halfdau Reidar

Regiment - Canadian Cavalry M G Squadron

Date of death - October 8, 1918

Cemetery - Serain Communal Cemetery Extension

View the CWGC information here.

I think the only way to see how and when he became part of the Canadian Cavalry M G Squadron is by getting a copy of his service records. You can find out how to order his service records from the NAC here.

Good luck.


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Thanks guys,

This gets me started:-). Anyway - I was thinking, it's quite an achievement to survive more than 3 years at the front - or? I have tried to track some other guys that enlisted in 1914. Does anyone have an idea on how many of the first and second contigents that actually survived the war? Is this man special or am I "dramatizing" his achivement?


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