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Hi to all you very helpful folk, another puzzle i have. My dad served in the Labour Corp & Royal Scot Fusiliers from 1917-1919 & then went on to serve in the Seaforth Highlanders from 1919-1942,And the Seaforth's & RSF both wore this colour Uniform. i have checked his WW1 Medal Cards, and know he was awarded the BWM & Victory Medal,and we think this photo was taken approx 1925, BUT we cannot find out what the Medal Ribbon with the thick Dark Blue/Black centre Stripe & narrow stripe either side represented? It was suggested it could be a Police Medal,but as he was aged 19 when he went into the Army in 1919, that is unlikely? Anyone have any suggestions? all appreciated. Thanks to all for the help & advice in the past. Regards..Jeff Appleyard

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The ribbons are the BWM & Victory Medals. When black & white photos are taken the colouring always appears to "wrong". If you do a search for ribbon identification you will probably find a couple of previous threads.


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U could ask Chris CPGW to recolourise them. He is a member on this site, and has done some amazing pictures!!!..

hope i helped

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