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AWOL with an assumed name

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Can anyone help?

My great grandfather was believed to be William Henry Powell until his death when we discovered he was in fact Isaac Hughes. He fought in the war (believe it was Gallipoli) and after seeing his brother killed he went AWOL taking the name William Henry Powell.I have found a record of William Powell who died just before my grandfather returned to England and it is his identity I believe he adopted.They both came from liverpool initially i believe but i would like to find out more about both men. I believe that birth certificates were necessary for marriag and he married as william powell so he must have had some form of ID to carry off this duplicity. Any suggestions welcome as i'm not sure who my great grandfather served with, rough guess Kings own Liverpool but who knows????

It would be nice to piece together the story behind this.

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Can you provide any further information? Do you know his brothers name? Was he married? What were his parents names? What was his address and where was he born?

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Guest Ian Bowbrick

I am currently sitting in the Cyber cafe at the PRO and saw this thread earlier. I checked the medal index cards for Isaac Hughes and found that only one had forfeited his medals for deserting:

7708 Pte Isaac Hughes 2/South Lancashire Regiment

Eligible for a 1914 Star trio.

To France 14 August 1914

Deserted 5 June 1915.

Lancashire would fit in with Liverpool.

On the basis that your grandfather served overseas, IMHO this is he.

Cheers - Ian ;)

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Thank you so much for checking the records for me, good timing on my behalf! This really helps piece together the mystery.All i have to do now is find out more about William Henry Powell. Isaac returned to england and got married in Birmingham in 1916 so this all fits.

Many thanks again

Best wishes


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