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9th Battalion, Black Watch

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The only source that I have suggests that they were south of the River Scarpe, due east of Arras. This is some way south of Vimy Ridge.


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Hi Jim:

The two British battalions attached to the Canadian Corps during the Battle of Vimy Ridge were the 2nd Royal West Kents and the 2nd King's Own Scottish Borderers. They were involved in the second phase of the Vimy operation and had the responsibility of capturing Hill 135.



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Many thanks for the information, I was mistaken regarding Vimy Ridge, I should have double checked the information I had before posting, however you have solved my problem, once again the 'Pals' of the forum have been most helpfull.


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As an interesting point, the blank right flank on the map beside 1st Canadian Division was where my Grandfather and his comrades advanced.

The action of 9th April is attached. 15th Division were in the area of Railway Triangle near Arras.




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The 9th BW were in the front line for the assault of the 44th Bde, to the immediate south of the Arras Lens railway line, and to the left of the 8/10 Gordons. Deployment was through the Arras cemetery, with 7th camerons in support and 8th seaforths in reserve.

I have a map from the Division History with all of this if you want to email me.

On the otherside of the railway were the 7RSF, the 11th Argylls, then the river Scarpe, then 9th division ( more Scots) and then the Canadians.

Hope that helps


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