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ww1 at Bovington tank museum

Guest tafski

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just back from a visit whilst on R+R a few pics which might intrest those who have never been first couple rge trench experience not the best pics but i aint david bailey, well worth a visit if ye get the chance





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Not as bad pics as you make out Bruce they are not proffesional but they are well done .


PS Bruce that last one the German reminds me of some one hmmmmmm

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Hi Tafski, have a good time? were they running any tanks? when I went about 15 years ago they had a Sherman (I think) bouncing around.

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Good pics I took my daughters to Bovington and they enjoyed themselves as there was a tank run going on.

While I was there I gave the Tank Museum a copy of a WW1 Artillery Map for Cambrai which shows where the tanks started from Zero then Zero 1+ and where the artillery was going to lay down gas, shells etc.

Hopefully they are going to put it on display.


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