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War Diary, 12th Heavy Battery RGA

Liz M

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Can anyone give me any ideas where I could find the war diary for this Heavy Battery? I believe it was part of the 99th Brigade, 2nd Army. It's the period from June 1915 to Feb 1917. I have tried the Nat Archives but no joy, just a few medal cards.


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Hello Liz

The diary for Sept 1914 to Oct 1915 is in file WO95/297 at Kew. For May (?) 1915 to Oct 1016, and for Sept-Oct 1917, it is in WO95/219. No indication as regards Nov 1916 to Aug 1917 but I'm afraid many diaries are incomplete.


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The diary for Sept 1914 to Oct 1915 is in file WO95/297 at Kew.

Oops! This one is the diary for 112 HB, not 12.

Many thanks to Paul for tactfully pointing this out in a PM.


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The War Diaries for 12th Heavy Battery are as follows:

May 1915-October 1916: WO95/219

November 1916-August 1917: not traced

September 1917-October 1917: WO95/219

November 1917 on: not traced.

12th Heavy Battery, RGA went to the Western Front on 31st May 1915 and was posted to 10th Heavy Artillery Group (HAG) on 8 Jun 15. It was posted to the following HAGs on the dates indicated: 18 HAG: 2 Aug 15;

29 HAG: 29 Oct 15; 57 HAG: date not known; 29 HAG: 13 Feb 17; 28 HAG: 18 Mar 17; 27 HAG: 30 Jun 17; 70 HAG: 1 Jul 17; 13 HAG: 5 Jul 17; 68 HAG: 3 Sep 17; 88 HAG: 1 Oct 17; 71 HAG: 12 Nov 17; 29 HAG: 15 Nov 17 to the end of the war.

Regards, Dick Flory

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Unfortunately the 12th Heavy Battery war diary does not appear to contain any reference as to why, then Bdr James Baskott 43393, was awarded his Millitary Medal that I can see, although the writing is in very bad script and hard to decipher. His mics are not on Ancestry but I am assuming the MM one you got from the NA shows the date 11-11-1916. Although this is a LG supplement reference, and is outside the dates covered by the diary it would pertain to an earlier Somme incident. Names apart from Officers are few and far between in the diary, although a few other awards are mentioned and several casualties but nothing for him.

Does the MM mic specifically mention 12 HB? What is the Medal roll reference for his B&V on the other card? I would imagine it was a major act of bravery to account for his fast track rapid rise in promotion to 2Lt.

You might be interested to know there are two other diaries in existence for this battery. One is a personal diary by the then trumpeter of the battery, Wilf Cotter, and is held at the IWM along with other material. There is also one being transcribed by an Australian forum member of a 12 HB Officer, whose name escapes me.

Rgds Paul

PS There are surviving files for a BASKOTT J in WO339/103588, but I assume you already have those.

PPS His Mic DOE is that when the battery went out to the Western Front

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Thank you all so much. Another trip booked to the National Archives. I think I have all the copies of the papers now from the NA on James Baskott but I was hoping the diaries may tell me more about what the MM was awarded for, also where he served before his commission.

I have to say this forum is a fabulous resource and the information I have received has saved me hours. I have no military background, just an ever growing interest in the social impact of WW1, and of course finding the detail about my own relatives.

The lack of military background is a bit of a hindrance however when it comes to acronyms, could I ask please what 'mic' means and 'B&V'? Sorry if my ignorance offends :mellow:

Thank you once again for your time and assistance.


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On the left of his standard mic (medal index card) , not the one for the Millitary Medal. There are columns with a reference to the actual roll held at the NA for his B&V (British and Victory medals). It will begin Off/…. There should also be a smaller line of type with another reference beginning RGA/XXXB and a different page reference to the right of the card; and there will be another reference for his 15 star roll below, which is also held at the NA.

In the diary some gunners are mentioned from the same number block as Baskott ie 433XX, and sometimes by tracing their files it can often enlarge on your mans path from enlistment.


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