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Remembered Today:

Waggon Lane Nov 1916

andrew pugh

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Good morning All.

I wonder if someone could help,i was walking up Waggon Lane near Beuamont Hamel last month

and noticed that on the right hand side you have some quaries and a little further up also on the right

there is a steep bank,and some smaller banks just above would these have been used as natural cover during the November 1916 fighting by either the Germans or British.Also was there much hand to hand fighting in this area and if so who was involved Hope someone can help.

Regards Andy

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The history of the 8th East Lancs reports that the 37th, 63rd and 51st Divs were in the area.

In an attack on the 15th Nov 1916 the 112th brigade of the 37th Div passed through the front line and approached Frankfort and Munich trenches. They were held up on uncut wire and suffered badly.

Stephen Barker did a really good article on this in Issue 23 of Battlefield Review as a lot of the men were killed by what would now be called friendly fire.

Whilst this is only one event on a specific day, a relative of mine was killed in the attack and so I've gathered some useful info.

If you PM me an email address I'll send you what I have



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