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Those with a wide interest in Great War topics may like to explore the following link:


Kladderadatsch was pretty much the German equivalent of Punch, with a mix of cartoons and articles. If you can hack your way through the German [and in 'classic' gothic script too!] or even if you can't the issues for the War years, and before and after, are of more than passing interest.

In his Memoirs, Prince von Bülow tells us he had a complete set on his shelves, which must tell us something!


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Thanks, Eric. I've just read the spoof Hansard report of 'Asquith's speech' to the House of Commons on 'Irish (sorry, Belgian) Independence'. Not only incisive but also very funny. It's a shame that this material is not accessible to those who don't speak German (and too much of it would go missing in translation). Very telling evidence, though, that there were not only thoughtful people in Germany, even at the height of the War, but also that their voices were not suppressed. It all adds, I'm afraid, to the problem of trying to understand why Germany ever embarked on the folly that became the Great War.

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