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6th Bn DLI April 30th - 1st May 1915


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Hello Forum, experiencing a little bit of a mystery here.

Researching the 6th DLI on these dates has left me a little confused.

An excert from a War Diary shows the following casulties:


yet a search of CWGC (using Geoffs Engine for all DLI casualties on these dates) brings up the following :

Search results for: + 30/04/1915-01/05/1915 + DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY. records found: 10

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001 BERTRAM, TS G/2789 30/04/1915 1st/9th Bn.

002 BLACKBURN, J 2777 01/05/1915 8th Bn.

003 GARFIT, TNC - 30/04/1915 2nd Bn.

004 LETBY, J 2395 01/05/1915 6th Bn.

005 MALONEY, P 4/9029 30/04/1915 2nd Bn.

006 MURPHY, J 7895 30/04/1915 2nd Bn.

007 RANSOM, WH 1945 01/05/1915 5th Bn.

008 SMITH, HH 2214 30/04/1915 1st/9th Bn.

009 SUMBY, R 2313 30/04/1915 1st/7th Bn.

010 WELCH, R 2416 01/05/1915 1st/5th Bn.

Only 1 of the 10 listed is a 6th Bn chap,Pte J Letby 2395.

My question now is where are the other 5 6th DLI chaps to be found if not via CWGC ?

Could somebody help point out other possibilities or where I am going wrong here ?

Regards. Jarvis.

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Hi Jarvis,

You say an excert from a war diary...which one? Have the other battalions involved had their diaries checked? SDGW shows the same men less Garfit 2nd Bn. Ransom 5th Bn died at home. Could these men have been attatched to the 1/6th? Let me know if you need the details from SDGW,

cheers, Jon

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Hello Jon, the excert came from online diaries held on the Canadian Archives re: 50th Div York/Durham Bns.

I have other (part) DLI diaries close to these dates, but not the 6th so just beginning to 'dip my toes in' here.

My interest is particularly the 1/6th DLI.

Further pages of the on-line diaries have more casualty figures relating to the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th DLI but I haven't had time to check these out yet.

The link to these pages is here :


Just surprised really that I couldn't get a quick match to the tally of the casualties.

That they may of been attached to the 6th is very possible, although the casualty figures for the following 24 hours rises quite dramatically, which I am just beginning to look at.

I will have to look a bit deeper when my next 'free time' slot comes around.....the 'sleep' slot is now due.....to be followed by the wonderful 'work' slot......

Many thanks for the reply.

Regards. Jarvis.

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