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Remembered Today:

Fort de Vaux

ian turner

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I recently bought a little folder of views of Fort de Vaux (Verdun front) at a flea market. The set is in excellent condition - hand written on the back is the date 'Juin 1936'.

Here is the front of the folder. I shall endeavour to post a few views at a time over the coming days.



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The first three views:

Fort de Vaux - general view

Fort de vaux

Tavannes Tunnel - in the night of 4/5 Sept 1916 a French battalion was entombed following an explosion of shells.


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Next set

Naval 240mm gun - Ravin des Grands Houyers (near Fort vaux). A 'designated' Gt War relic.

Fort Vaux - 75mm in the casemate 'Bourges'

Artillery observation post and turret of a 75mm gun


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Concluding the outdoor scenes:

Verdun - Monument to the dead of Vaux

Monument to Andre Maginot on the North slope of the Fort de Souville

In memory of the pigeon of Fort Vaux - its last 'mission' on 4th June 1916, when sent with the final message from Commandant Raynal. Despite serious exposure to gas the pigeon got through and was awarded a Ring of Honour!


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Today's offerings - beginning the internal views:

Infirmery & operating theatre +++ Concrete casemate, men's billets



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More internal views

The telephone switchboard and pigeon loft

Stairs leding the to cisterns

Stars leading to the counter-scarpe wall North-East.


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Next set of internal views

Section of gallery consolidated by the Germans

Cetral gallery where the Germans took the surrender of the last defenders

Gallery consolidated by the French


Bottom two are the last of these views

Chapel in a gallery of the fort

Commandants post and room - Cmndt Raynal's photo and his bed.


That is all - I hope you have enjoyed them




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