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Albert Thomas Kent


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I've been researching the 11 lads on our War Memorial in Aston Abbotts and have found MIC's for 10 of the 11. Is there any reason why there wouldn't be a MIC for this soldier?


266613, 1st/4th Bn., Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry

Son of Emily Jane Kent, of Aston Abbotts, nr. Aylesbury Bucks.

Died aged 35, 15 June 1918 in Asiago Vicenza, Veneto, Italy

Buried Boscon British Cemetery, Italy

Enlisted Aylesbury

Killed in Action.

I've got lots of information on him, and the other lads thanks, in no small part, to the help I've received from this excellent forum (special thanks to Seasider70 & 8Linc7ra) Any other information on A T Kent would be gratefully received


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As Chris has already pointed out his MIC is available to download, for a fee, from NA. It is however missing from the Ancestry site at the present time and will probably be a part of the final upload.

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Apart from his MIC card (which i have since downloaded from the National Archives) is there anyway of telling when a soldier enlisted, I know that A T Kent enlisted in Aylesbury after 1915 (as well as all his family history) but I would like to know where he had fought (if anywhere) before he was killed in action in the battle of Piave River.

Also why would he have two Regt numbers 4217 & 266613 with the same Corps (Oxf & Bucks L.I.)?

many thanks


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This means that he was in a Territorial battalion, such as the 1/4th. The TF battalions initially had 4 digit numbers unique to the battalion. The whole TF was renumbered in 1916? and all men received 6 digit numbers.



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Hi Simon,

as Tim has mentioned, the TF was renumbered from very late 1916 and most battalions were complete by March 1917. With the appearance of both numbers on a MIC would suggest that the holder was already serving overseas prior to these changes.

A quick online search of the 'service papers' or 'burnt documents' would suggest that there may be some documents in the name of your man, look here, these documents are slowly appearing on the ancestry site, if he's not listed there the files can be viewed at the NA in person. But be aware that only around 30% of these documents survived the Blitz.

The 1/4th Bn were part of the 48th (South Midland) Division which was a TF division already in existence prior to the outbreak of war. They arrived in France during March 1915, and served in France and Flanders until November 1917 when the division went to Italy and served there until the Armistice on the 4th November 1918.

France and Flanders

Battle of Albert. 1st-13th July 1916, including the capture of Montauban, Mametz, Fricourt, Contalmaison and La Boisselle.

Battle of Bazentin. 14th-17th July 1916, including the capture of Longueval, Trones Wood and Ovillers.

Battle of Pozieres. 23rd July 1916, including the fighting for Mouquet Farm.

German retreat to the Hindenburg Line. 14th March-5th April 1917.

Occupation of Peronne. 18th March 1917.

Battle of Langemarck. 16th-18th August 1917.

Local operations around St. Juliaan. 19th, 22nd 27th August 1917.

Battle of Polygon Wood. 26th September-3rd October 1917.

Battle of Broodside. 4th October 1917.

Battle of Poelcappelle. 9th October 1917.


The fighting on the Asiago Plateau. 15th-16th June 1918.

The fighting in the Val d’Assa. 1st-4th November 1918.

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Many thanks Tim & Jay for your help

I think I'm definitely going to have to find time time to visit the NA



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Many thanks Mel

The date mentioned in the thread, 15 June 1918, was the very day on which Albert Kent was killed in action. I have replied to the thread and hope to get some more information.



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