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Black Watch medals.


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Hi just thought i`d drop in with a list of Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) medals that I have in my collection, I am not selling the medals but it`s just to let people Know that are looking for them they are safe,and if I have medals that belong to a member who has been Looking for them if they let me Know and they can prove that the medals are family medals,they will be the 1st to be offered them.


1-Charles Stewart 14/15- Star

2-James Bell 14/15- Star

3-James Anderson 14/15 Star

4-J. J Mcdonald 14/15 Star-Kia

5-C.J.C. Cole 14/15 Star

6-George Liddle 14/14 Star

7-J Easson 14/15 Star

8-A Lockhart B.W.M. & Vic

9-W Lawson B.W.M. & Vic

10- D.Wallace B.W.M.

11-D Wood B.W.M.

12-C Gannon B.W.M

13-D.Cook B.W.M

14-D.Arnott Vic

15-R.Mcalpine B.W.M. & Vic.

16-J sharp 14/15 Star & Vic.

thanks for Looking and I hope I can help reunite a family with a long lost medal. pro Alba. :o

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