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201953 Pte Thomas Smith 1/4th Bn KOYLI - Help Please


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Can anyone help with further info on 201953 Pte Thomas Smith 1/4th Bn KOYLI. I have found his Medal card and obtained a copy of his death certificate.

He is buried in the Linselles Communal Cemetery which was used by the Germans during the war together with 34 other Brisish Soldiers. His Death cerificate shows him as dying in Germany on the 24th Apr 1918. Cause of death shown as 'Died'.

Does anyone know why he is shown as dying in Germany? Was he a Prisoner of War and if so is there anywhere I can obtain further information. Does anyone have the War Diarys for 1/4th Bn KOYLI or know where I can obtain them.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Gives Enlisted Wakefield,Died of Wounds

1/4th KOYLI were around Toronto camp and the ouderdom area as the Spring Offensive came in on the date he died they were subject to big gas strike by artillery.

Its possible he had fallen into German hands during the offensive.

Source" Saturday Soldiers" by Malcolm Johnson.ISBN 0-903524-30-9

Available from Donny Museum Service..I got mine from KOYLI museum good history of KOYLI TF in Great War.


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