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Online Auction in Aust. - WWI Aus & NZ items


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Hi all,

Hopefully I have put this post in the right place. I read in today's newspaper about a auction coming up this saturday in Australia. It is a military auction and has some very interesting and unique items. The website for those that are interested is:

http://www.lawsons.com.au/asp/schedule.asp - click on ' The Documents of War'

Lastly I am not affliated in any way with this site and do not receive any benefits for posting this topic. Just thought I would let people know if it.

Good Luck if you are bidding on something.



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Oh My Oh My Oh My ... good luck to them at those prices!!!!

Bright Blessings


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PHEW ! I second that. :wacko: . There,s making a living and then there,s ............ Crazy "MO"

$400 to $500 !!! I think not (for me anyhow)


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just looked at lawsons site they have a bugle used at beersheba.

now can anybody tell me how many bugles would have been used,

if it was 2 well i have the other one.


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G'day Scott,

Thanks for the lead. I might drop in with my last $50 and see what I can find!

I will, however, inform members of assosiations that I belong to of the auction.

Many thanks



p.s. welcome to the Forum

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