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War History of 6th Tank Battalion


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I have read the above book and found at back the names of soldiers and officers who were in the 6th.

I decided to list all of them and have found so many mistakes that I have decided to compile them myself and correct the mistakes in a spreadsheet.

To give you an idea in the book it has

92900 Pte F Motteram

92900 Pte F Motherham

The correct name is 92900 Pte F Mottram

Also you can see soldiers moving from Work Co to the Tank

See 92142 Pte C Harding

Will keep you posted on how I get on.

I want to try and see how many battalions I can do.

Also the nice thing in the book they list a

201037 Pte P Whittaker

This is incorrect it is

201087 Pte P J F Whitaker

The best bit is I have the medals


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That's one heck of a task

Good luck


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