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Remembered Today:

Joseph Steele 200738 Kings Own (Lancaster) Reigiment


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Hope you do not mind, but I have just returned home from France where I visited Vimy Ridge and the area around Givenchy and Festubert, Salome where my great uncle was KIA and Dud Corner Cemetry where he is named on a plaque.

Whislt in the area I joted down my thoughts in verse so I hope you do not mind me sharing them with you:

You chose to go

It’s all so different now

From all those years ago,

When August was about to smile on England

And you chose to go.

So here I stand, where once you stood

Far from your Corney home

With family lost in your thoughts

And the lanes you loved to roam.

With gunfire and shell exploding

All around you were soldiers brave.

You could have run but chose to fight

And France’s freedom you chose to save.

And what of you my friend?

Who at just sixteen against your parents’ wishes

Your service to your King you wished to lend.

But at the age of twenty your life you would spend.

And so on my holiday

I could have chosen monuments,

A historic château or palaces too

But I came to find you.

So I wondered out alone

Close to Windy Corner and Givenchy where canal and field abound

And in Dud Corner found

The names of English soldiers killed in war

And what of you my friend

Who died so far from home?

No last farewell kiss,

All that remains is this.

A name upon a plaque

Amongst so many others, yet all alone

And whatever would you think of me, who am able

Due to your sacrifice, to go back to my home.

I thank you and your brothers in arms.

But we pass you all by and brush aside all your sorrows

Forgetting we can love and laugh only

Because you all gave your tomorrows.

It’s all so different now

From when you gave your life

On that April day ninety years ago

For you chose to go.

Dedicated to Joseph Steele (200738 Kings Own Royal (Lancaster) Regiment )

- 28th December 1897 to 28th April 1918, KIA Salome, France.

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Whislt in the area I joted down my thoughts in verse so I hope you do not mind me sharing them with you:

What a very moving verse it is Ivor and a memorable moment for you, I'm sure that your Great Uncle Joseph would have been as proud and honoured of you as you are of him. Many thanks for sharing your words with us all,


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