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Registration Terms



Respect your fellow members - do not post anything insulting or offensive about others - regardless if they are members or not.


No modern politics (last 30 years) or religion.


Acknowledge your sources - all attachments need to be acknowledged. A simple "Image courtesy of Ancestry" is sufficient but adding reference numbers to identify it e.g. "Image courtesy of The National Archives TNA Reference WO 95/1" are better.


Respect copyright. Up to 5% of an item i.e. 5 pages from a 100 page diary or book may be reproduced as long as the source is acknowledged as per above rule.


Do NOT ask for lookups on paid subscription sites like Ancestry.


Do not post personal information such as email addresses or phone numbers. This is a risk to your privacy and security as spammers etc. can find that information.


No advertising. This includes using a commercial name as your username. If you have a book to advertise, this is permitted once you have 50 posts to your name.


Stay on topic. This forum is for discussing the Great War (WW1) period between 1914-1921. Topics relating to before or after that period are permitted as long as they are relevant i.e. per-war politics and strategy or a person's life before and after if that person was involved in the war.


Members can include a link to a personally maintained Great War related website in their signature and/or profile. This may relate to small personally operated commercial activities. Links to other commercial enterprises will be deleted.


For further guidance, please see the full Rules here - https://www.greatwarforum.org/rules/

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