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Soldiers Died in the Great War is my next option for researching. It's enabled me to find a few of the men whoI've been able to take off this list. And it's also enabled me to narrow down the list of possibles for some of the others.

The trouble I have is that I can only sit going through SDGW for so long before I get cross-eyed. So I tend to take long breaks in between using it....

These three Halifax names are doing my brain in. The Halifax list was the shortest of the five I was given, yet these three mena that on average it's the most incomplete.

However, of the three names:

Joe Cave: there are only three possible matches on CWGC it could be. One is very likely, but I need to get confirmation. The man I'm looking into is from West Yorkshire, which matches up with the Halifax.

Albert Sykes: nine possible matches. This could take a little time.

Herbert Crossley: seven matches. So could this. I wouldn't have thought Crossley was such a common name.

I'll find them if it kills me.


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