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Diary of a Dispatch Rider

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Continuing the diary of John Sangway, dispatch rider with XVII Corps. The corps signal company have just moved to Fosseux.



I have omitted to note = poor old Burrall* killed by shell 7th Aug. His bivvy absolutely blown away & the men in bivvy’s three yards away unhurt & quite ignorant of the proximity of the calamity.


*160863 Corporal William Henry Burrall, aged 25, of Wisbech, Cambs. Served with XVII Corps' H.A. Signal Sub-Section. Buried in Maroeuil British Cemetery (IV. K. 10.)



Adv[ance] party left for B[retencourt]*. I and 5 D[isptach] R[ider]s left to carry on. (10 operators). Not so bad but tied to office – sleep in empty hut next door. Rather good office this – in a thick wood – quite secluded. Decent stroll through wood all the way to billet.


Letters to ack[nowledge]  when I have time:-

Nellie Spear – sweets

Mabel Thompson – photo


Dorothy F

Daw [John's sister]


*The village of Bretecnourt - 5 miles southwest of Arras - was the location for the new XVII Corps Advanced Report Centre, which opened at 10am on the 28th.



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