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Diary of a Dispatch Rider

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Saw very fine sight at about 11.0pm. Fritz plane came over very low (Visible to [?some/me] although the moon was barely showing over the horizon). It crossed us towards the searchlights over an open stretch of country & when about a mile or less away was picked up by the beams. The sky was an inky blue, the rays of the lights were a bluish white and where the three crossed, the plane shone like mother of pearl – blue yellow creamy ghostly thing. The fixedness of the lights was rather impressive of sternness & rigidity. In a long moment or two we held our breath & then things started. The aviator fired tracer bullets down the beams & others were fired from the ground in bursts, while shell bursts occurred all round the target. Some were near in the beam itself but the plane kept on its way - hell for leather – too low to sideslip and just as it was lost to our sight the searchlights broke away with a sweep from the zenith to the horizon & back & then went out. We don’t know the end of the story but we think there could only be one reason for that signal from the searchl[igh]]ts.



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