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Diary of a Dispatch Rider

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Upon reflection I can now note the different kinds of shell sounds. The one I like best is the lazy drone. It seems to sail out of the blue easily and slowly until the crash comes. We have heard a lot of the sort with a preliminary pop, a fierce whistle & a great crash. There have also been several big ones with no sound at all until the explosion. They are merciful but alarming. Inspected a hole 25 feet across & 10 feet deep made by one of the latter. It threw chunks of pavé high in the air to a distance of some 200 yards. Fearful argument in mess about some 20 of the rubber heeled [i.e. silent] shells. Everybody thought there was a railway gun near, but nobody knew where! We knew where some of the shell-holes were though!


Much less windy now. One gets used to things, but imagination needs a stern hand occasionally.


Bet Frisby 5f[ran]cs peace will be declared before Aug[ust] Bank Holiday.



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