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Diary of a Dispatch Rider

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Went to ____* to open rear office. Thought [to] picnic but too much tied to office. Returned next day – only “wind-up” after all. Met _____ Cas [Casualty?] chaps who had been alarmed at _____ by German agents that Huns had broken through with cars and cav[alry]. They had scooted miles & left kit but sent back for some of it immediately after. Spy question serious. Geo. Milton got it into his brain & sees a spy every time he goes out. Sent police & APM to arrest a harmless lineman climbing up a pole once.
Interesting at rear office to hear plane circling over in moonlight – just not visible – and wait for bombs to drop with one eye on a convenient ditch! They dropped a few miles away & all was peace once more.
5am. All Quiet again now. Worth noting feeling when expecting to be blown up. Few nights ago ‘plane circled above from an hour before dawn to dawn (several nights in succession). One morning he dropped some bombs some distance away & then I heard a whistle just as he came over again. I thought “it” had come at last, but was suddenly coldly calm & sort of wondering what it would be like – but nothing happened – dud apparently. Curious because before & after I was trembling with funk.
Saw Guy this evening. He reports the worst time since he came out. Severe casualties including Godlee [there are no likely Godlees in CWGC records so he was perhaps only wounded]. Heaps of work. Up at 2am daily but doing damned well. Says he doesn’t fear for himself but can’t lie in bed without worrying about the men. Predicts that this is the end of the war. I hope so.


*Noyelle-Vion, 7 miles west of their office at Duisans.



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