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WW1 Base Depots

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CALAIS Depots - July 1916



CALAIS Depots - July 1916





Information below as per @Terry_Reeves

British Army Locations Calais and Surrounding Area.



1. Fort Nieulay - Remount Depot.


2.  Peuplingues


No 4 Veterinary Hospital , No  5 Remount Depot, Australian Veterinary Hospital. Chinese camp, Women’s Auxiliary  Army Corps camp


3. Vendroux Depot


Started in May 1917, this was a substantial  ordnance, supply personnel  and stores depot located between the Guines and St Omer Canals. It also housed reception camps for Prisoner of War Works and Labour Companies. In addition camps were also constructed for Chinese labour, Signal, guard and military police as well as headquarters and office buildings.  To provide for the welfare of some 9 to 10 thousand troops located there, bath houses, sports grounds , huts for various religious denominations, YMCA and YWCS, cinema,  post and post office buildings were constructed. A Church of England was created by the padre from an old barn


4. Fontinettes


An entraining station for troops, it also had offices and camps for for the various departments dealing with railway transport and management.   This district also housed a petrol depot consisting of four sub-depots, camps for four Chinese labour companies (Pont de Leu, Pont a Trois, Digue Romaines)  and at Le Baraques there was the Reserve Vehicle Park.


5. Valdelievre


Army Service Corps camp, Army Ordnance Corps camp, Chinese camp, Prisoner of War camp.


6. Beaumarais


HQ Camp, Nos 1,2 and 3 Leave Camps. Officers Leave camp. Garrison Battalion camp. General Base Depot. WAAC Camp, Horse transport Camp, Transportation Troops Base Depot, Medical Camp, Field Punishment compound, 4 x prisoner of War camps, Ordnance camp, Segregation Camp, Training School.


7.  Les Attaques


7 x Prisoner of War Camps, Royal Engineers Camp (1st Base Park Company  and detachment of Royal Engineers Special Brigade responsible for the central cylinder (chemical warfare) store . This was located between the railway line and canal.   No 5 Military Prison


8. Wissant


Vehicle Park and Motor Transport School of Instruction


9  Coulogne


Battalion Camp, Prisoner of War Camps, Labour Group Headquarters, Field Punishment Compound, various anti-aircraft stations and searchlights. Special Factory Section.

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Hi Terry,

Thanks for posting this.  I have been looking at the war dairy of the 220 Transportation Works Co, RE.  They arrived on 21/7/18 at TT Base Depot.   From your entries I now know/confirm that TT is Transportation Troops and the depot was at Beaumaris.


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