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"Only With Honour"



Tuesday 4th April. Support.

Got up about 6.30 a.m. and taking advantage of the early morning mist which obscured us from the dump and Bosch trenches, Leeds and I got over our parapet and had a hunt for "nose pieces" along the open ground. Found one or two new specimens and found some fairly useful shell holes, also put up a brown owl which was sitting on the ground.

It was planned that the sappers should spring two mines which they had prepared under the two left German craters. The mines were to go up at midnight. We (the brigade) made tremendous preparations for the occupation of the near lip by the Queens and one of our corps was to clear out our own first line which would be blown in by the explosion. At midnight, to the second we felt the two mines go up, there was comparatively little strafing after it and our artillery which opened was scarcely answered


Wednesday 5th.

The show last night was not a great success. We occupied the near lip of the first crater but the Bosch were the first to get into the second crater. The Queens were to slow and feeble. The crater which we occupied was taken by the Surrey's who were in support.


Sunday 9th. Firing line.

They gave us a terrible dose of trench mortars last night. I watched them coming over in the dark, a track of sparks making it easy to follow their course, up and downwards just like a roman candle only instead of ending in an innocent display they end with a most appalling crash which has most nerves breaking effect on those near it. The Bosch however doesn't happily land them often in ones trenches, we have extraordinary few casualties from them.

Had a crump 30 or 40 yards of me this afternoon and once again saw the shell before it reached the ground. Mines are now a daily occurrence and do not lead to much excitement as they are mostly blown in order to destroy or with hope of destroying each others mine galleries.


*All material produced or reproduced here and throughout  this blog is the sole copyright of the holder of the diaries of Reginald Hannay Fothergill.*



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