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Stars, Stripes and Chevrons Chapter 7



Chapter 7.


The Post-War years.

Other than for the regular army, our information is scanty. In general, stars, usually of five points have been used for a wide variety of purposes such as Tank Corps First Class Driver worn above the tank badge right upper arm (Priced Vocab 1923) and then by Driver Mechanics, corporal and above, finally all Drivers (ACI 164/1950). The four-point star was used for a variety of purposes, most recently for Cadet Forces, and even as a half badge version.


Good Conduct Badges.


GCBs at last came officially into line with what had become the practice of allowing veterans to sport more than the regulation six. The Royal Warrant (RW) of 1923 added one for every further five years, and this continued until 1945 at least, according to RW 1940 amended to 1945.


Major change to GCB conditions.


Queen’s Regulations 1961 paragraph 1086, issued as National Service was ending, awarded badges after 2 ½ years, 5, 10, 15, 20 etc without an upper limit. There has been no change since then to date, but there was a lack of enthusiasm to wear them after about 1970, both by units and by the soldiers themselves. In an all-professional army, good conduct was assumed, and to sport badges rather than rank was seen as stigmatising by some. The badges still appear in current Dress Regulations but they are in fact rarely seen. The Gurkhas wear them, but Household troops ceased to do so over a period in the 1980s. The regiments report (Private correspondence with regimental adjutants) that they mark the Home Service tunics permanently such that they cannot be re-issued, an important consideration in thrifty times.


A rather Grumpy LCpl Dutchy Pierce, who ended hi days as a Chelsea Pensioner.


and other soldiers who had to drink their pints with the right arm.










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Yes, fascinating - didn't know GCBs still existed. Thanks for posting.

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Posted (edited)

Excellent work, Muerrisch, I want to thank you for publishing it here where there is wider readership than in the dusty journals of the MHS, BCMH, BMMHS and SAHR.

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WOW!  Thanks for posting, never knew Army OR's could receive that many GCB's!


Navy max was 3.


Thanks, Bryan

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1 hour ago, RNCVR said:

WOW!  Thanks for posting, never knew Army OR's could receive that many GCB's!


Navy max was 3.


Thanks, Bryan

RM followed army rules of course, but any changes seem to be a little later, a slight delay.

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I think during Victorian\Edwardian time RMLI & RMA could earn up to 5 GCB's.


Thanks, Bryan

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A better N Russia Star photo now in Chapter 6. Also a mix of GMGC cap badges and MGC.

Both pictures from same massive group, possibly Endex.

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The complete seven chapters are now edited into one PDF, available to anyone, all I need is a PM with your email address: the PDF is about 5 MB.

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